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Acquisition + preprocessing 

PIT Fast



Spectral analysis 

ML upscaling 

Near real time delivery 


Data acquisition and pre-processing

The magic of hyperspectral data can be fully exploited if the appropriate corrections are accurately performed. In the case of outcrop and open pits, good corrections guarantee correct geolocation and topographic realness.

Alteration mapping and domain definition

Spatial resolution can vary depending on the distance to the target and with it, the level of detail that can be mapped. Mineral composition and distribution are mapped either for mixtures or groups depending on your targets.

Semi-quantitative mineral abundance estimation

Mineralogical quantification of the spectrally identified minerals aids with the characterization of the deposit and ore grade estimation or identification of proxies towards mineralization. Mineral abundances are based on spectral data and can be calibrated with point measurements collected on available samples or with provided geochemical data. 

Digital twins as hyperclouds

3D integration of the spectral data and all deliverables with photogrammetric point clouds to generate hyperclouds - xyz point cloud with specific attributes.

 © Lorenz/Thiele | HZDR


Ideal for data exploration and alteration mapping


Semi-quantitative mineralogy based on ground truth data

PIT Fast

When time is of the essence we provide initial results overnight 

TheiaX PIT service packages for your open pit, cliffs and outcrops. Depending on your needs we have developed three service packages for you:

Digital twins of your open PIT and outcrops

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