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Data acquisition and pre-processing

The magic of hyperspectral data can be fully exploited if the appropriate corrections are accurately performed. If require in your project the preprocessing includes the coregistration of all the sensors to cover the full electromagnetic spectrum.

Alteration mapping and domain definition

The starting point for all hyperspectral studies. Identification of the spectrally diagnostic minerals, their composition and mapping of their relative distribution allows the delineation of alteration domains.

Semi-quantitative mineral abundance estimation

Mineralogical quantification of the spectrally diagnostic minerals aids with the characterization of the deposit and identification of proxies towards mineralization. Can be either fully based on spectral data or derived from the fusion with high-resolution mineralogical data. 

Grade estimation

Calibrated estimates of the mineralization of interest derived at meter scale to compare with traditional assays and/or at centimeter scale thanks to the high-spatial resolution of the hypespectral imaging sensors.

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Ideal for data exploration, alteration mapping and domain definition


Semi-quantitative mineralogy based on ground truth data


When time is of the essence we provide near-real-time data processing

Service packages for TheiaX CORE and hand specimen mapping. Depending on your needs we have developed four service packages for you:

Acquisition + preprocessing 




Spectral analysis 

ML upscaling 

Near real time delivery 


Characterise your CORE and hand specimens

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