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About us

TheiaX GmbH is a spin-off of the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology (HIF) part of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden - Rossendorf e. V. (HZDR). From science and R&D through to commercial applications, our expertise combines hyperspectral imaging and machine learning technics providing the exploration and mining sectors with bespoke solutions.


Since the establishment of HIF in 2011, the Exploration department has been carrying out extensive research into the usage and application of hyperspectral technology as a rapid and non-invasive solution for the exploration and mining sector. With numerous R&D projects around the world, many of which are in collaboration with industry partners, the Exploration department’s know-how, has been ever-growing - be it from the usage and calibration of the tripod and drone-based hyperspectral systems through to drill-core hyperspectral imaging and the development of machine learning and data fusion workflows.


With significant requests from the industry, in 2019, the decision to proceed with the creation of a spin-off company was made and financial support from the Helmholtz Enterprise program granted. During its incubation period, TheiaX performed services via HZDR Innovation GmbH (HZDRI) – the daughter company of HZDR. In December 2021, the legal entity TheiaX GmbH was founded.

In Greek Mythology, ‘Theia’ was one of the Titans and the goddess of light. When using hyperspectral technology the presence of a light source is essential. This can either be natural light such as the sun but also artificial lighting such as lamps. As such, the ‘Theia’ section of the name is a synonym for LIGHT. As for the ‘X’, it stands for EXPLORATION.

Hear from our clients 

​“TheiaX for AMR’s AIM 4-0 project completed a hyperspectral orientation study of 560 m of garnet-bearing eclogite drill core. The Longwave infrared spectra successfully identified all the dominant mineral phases and semi-quantitatively calculated their abundances. TheiaX were professional and a pleasure to work with, exemplified by continuous communication, the timely delivery of results, and a tailored workflow based on the geology and our objectives.”

Arctic Mineral Resources AS

“TheiaX’s hyperspectral scanning technology has been important to understanding the mineralogical distribution in the Cinovec ore body on an industrial scale that cannot be achieved with individual small-scale sampling from microscopy such as QEMSCAN – and without the “destruction” caused in the normal assaying process. This has proved important to the Cinovec FECAB process design, and Geomet looks forward to future cooperation as the technology has the ability to provide an advanced method of grade and mineralogical control when operating the mine.”

Geomet s.r.o.

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