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Getting the right mineralogical data to understand your deposit should not be the bottleneck of your operations.

Exploration targeting

When having large exploration licenses, especially in rough and inaccessible terrains, consistent mapping of alteration patterns and identification of proxies towards mineralization can be a challenge.

Resource evaluation

Extensive mineralogical information is required for the characterization of complex ores. Quantitative mineralogical information is usually available on small or bulk samples with limited information on spatial variability.

Mining optimization

Tracking the ore type to be mined before and after blasting of a new bench brings both operational and technical challenges. Detailed and recurrent mapping could turn into a continuous risk for the mine geologists.

Innovative Mineral Exploration

Spatially continuous and reproducible methods to delineate alteration patterns for exploration targeting, be it on vertical outcrops or flat terrains.


Following target generation, we support resource characterization through quantitative mineralogical estimation on all available samples (hand-specimen, chips, drill-cores).


Once in production, through mine/ muck-pile mapping or blast hole mineralogy, we ensure you have all the relevant information at hand for ore-waste separation.

TheiaX for AMR’s AIM 4-0 project completed a hyperspectral orientation study of 560 m of garnet-bearing eclogite drill core. The Longwave infrared spectra successfully identified all the dominant mineral phases and semi-quantitatively calculated their abundances. TheiaX were professional and a pleasure to work with, exemplified by continuous communication, the timely delivery of results, and a tailored workflow based on the geology and our objectives.

Arctic Mineral Resources AS

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TheiaX’s hyperspectral scanning technology has been important to understanding the mineralogical distribution in the Cinovec ore body on an industrial scale that cannot be achieved with individual small-scale sampling from microscopy such as QEMSCAN – and without the “destruction” caused in the normal assaying process. This has proved important to the Cinovec FECAB process design, and Geomet looks forward to future cooperation as the technology has the ability to provide an advanced method of grade and mineralogical control when operating the mine.

Geomet s.r.o.


Get more information out of your cores and hand specimens. We provide alteration mapping, semi-quantitative mineral abundance, and grade estimates over your samples using hyperspectral images from laboratory systems

​Using a multi-scale and multi-sensor approach, we help you map your rock samples, (sub) vertical outcrops, or extensive areas of interest. 


Extend your understanding of alteration patterns, ore type distribution, and geotechnical properties. Using tripod ± drone-based systems we map your natural outcrops and mine faces


Combining multiple sensors from satellite and drone-borne platforms with field validation data we produce detailed and robust alteration and prospectivity maps over extensive areas of interest

​Mapping your deposit at multiple scales

​We offer services for efficient raw material discovery and characterization using non-invasive technologies combined with robust ML data processing routines.

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