TheiaX can intervene at any stage of the value chain within your mining project in order to assist with operation optimization, ensuring profit-earning maximization



TheiaX has materialized within the Exploration department of the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology. Having successfully been granted a 12-month Helmholtz internal funding via the Helmholtz Enterprise program, the aim is for TheiaX to become a stand-alone legal entity providing commercial services by the beginning of 2021.

With just under 10 years of R&D and expert know-how within the field of exploration technologies and following significant requests for services from industry, TheiaX provides commercially tested, proven and validated tailored solutions for the mining industry.

TheiaX services are currently provided by HZDR Innovation GmbH.



Outcrop | Mine-face mapping

Tripod-based hyperspectral scanning of (near) vertical walls allows a safe target identification and analysis. With every newly exposed mine face, TheiaX can improve your mineral models and re-focus your mining. 

Our results are combined with photogrammetric-based virtual outcrop models allowing the mapping of your target in 3D.

Drill-core mapping

Hyperspectral drill-core scanning represents a rapid analytical method for mineralogical characterization.Geometallurgical domaining based on hyperspectral scans provides representative sampling protocols that can be extrapolated at the deposit scale.

Full integration with other datasets, such as chemical assays, is possible which secures the extraction of the maximum value of your project.

Online processing platform

We offer a cloud-based processing platform where all the projects running with or by us can be stored and accessible online. Our mapping procedures and machine learning tools allow you to identify and quantify the mineral assemblages associated with your target commodity. 

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